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Provides cheating wives pictures and profiles of cheating wives hot wives. One in five married women have had a affair. This is the highest numbers ever recorded, according to one group of researchers. Smith with the National Opinion Research Center. Society has given women permission to be sexually active, and it's perfectly clear why women do it. Cheating Wives may have only been married for a few months or could be going on their 20th wedding anniversary. Women crave sex more as they get older which is why many women in their early 30's who got married when they were only 20 are craving good sex and are willing to cheat to get it!

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They're not getting what they want out of their marriage," says David Kaplan, PhD, a marriage counselor with 15 years under his belt, and now a spokesperson for the American Counseling Association. The workplace, working out, and the Internet is giving women who cheat more sexual opportunities than ever before. With better salaries and no children, the stakes seem low if they are caught. For some cheating wives, the affair is truly all about sex, says Nadine Kaslow, PhD, a family counselor and psychologist at Emory University School of Medicine. "When they were dating, there was passion, they want that passion back. If they're physically attracted to someone else, they may act on it. "For most women, an inattentive husband is indeed the biggest problem. Cheating Wife finder provides cheating wives pictures and profiles of cheating wives. Hot wives are looking for sex outside of their marriage and many choose the Internet as a productive way to meet men to satisfy their sexually desires.

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